Once a group has arrived on campus, you will be able to check in the group by telling the students to text a "keyword" to a designated 5 digit phone number.

So in the case above, you would tell the students to text "Albright1" to the phone number 55109. Your institution will have its own unique key words per visit with a designated phone number. 

If you have multiple visits happening on the same day that use key words to check-in prospective student, you will have a unique key word per visit.  

Note: Be sure to tell the prospective student the correct key word for the visit their group is registered for.

Watch the video below to see the flow the student will go through to enter their contact information.

If your surveys are turned on, once a prospective student has checked-in they will receive a survey prior to 10 min before the visit.

If you have VisitDays integrated with your CRM, the prospective students within the group will be synced to your CRM.

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