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Make your visits more personal
Make your visits more personal
Use your profile to make your visits stand out.
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How Can you Customize Your Visits and Events

With VisitDays you can easily customize your visits and events for prospective student visitors directly in platform. The personal touches you make are then visible to prospective students who register on Mobi.

Add Your Own Biography and Profile Picture

When a prospect student visits your institutions landing page and activates the Mobi scheduler they will then view a wealth of amazing visits and events that they can register for. Tied to each visit or event is a user or a team whose image and bio is clearly visible. Prospective student visitors can see exactly who they will be meeting with and learn a little bit about them prior to their visit!

What is seen by the prospective student visitor:

Before even selecting a visit a prospective student is able to view the image and role of the individual who will be running the visit or event.

Note: In mobi 2.0 if you assign multiple users to a visit or event images of all users assigned will appear on mobi.

Where Do I Go to Upload My Photo and Input my Bio?

On the upper right hand side select the circle icon and click on my profile.

Complete the fields and don’t forget to click save!

Whats Next?

Utilize the analytics tool available on the VisitDays platform to gauge which visits and events are successfully drawing students to your institution. Adjust, modify, grow  the visits and events at your institution to ensure a successful visit program!

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