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Check In Methods With VisitDays and the Registrants List
Check In Methods With VisitDays and the Registrants List

What are the ways to check-in students?

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This article outlines the two methods you have available for checking in students at a tour or event. When setting up each of your visit types, you select whether your event will have manual check-in, or automated check-in. As we proceed, please note that the option to manually check students in for an event is always available, even when an automated option is also in place.

Manual Check In 

Manual check in is exactly as it sounds! If your institution wants to manually check in students to your visits and events on the platform select this option. Institutions usually like using this option when it is a smaller group, including a counselor and perhaps one to two prospective student visitors.

On the day of a visit or event you can go directly to the check in page. The check in button is the first button at the top of the left hand navigator. All visits and events for that day will appear on the page. 

On the Check in Page, you can then click on a specific event or visit. This will bring you to the Registrants.  Here you can mark each prospective student as checked in or not here.

Automated Check In-

If the automated check in method is selected student will check in via a code received through SMS text message 30 minutes prior to the scheduled visit or event. Once they have checked in they will receive confirmation.

In the VisitDays platform every visit and event includes key information on your prospective students in the registrants list. When you select a visit in a series or an event you immediately are brought to the registrants tab. The registrants tab is a fantastic tool where you can see a variety of key information.

If a user clicks on registered they will be able to view all prospective visitors checked in, marked as not here, or who still need to be designated a status for the visit. Under registered you can also view prospective student visitors by category. Select “all” to see all registrants, “checked in” to view all prospective students who have been checked in, and “not here” for all prospective visitors who did not arrive to the visit or event.

You can also select and view the cancelled tab to the right of registered, to see students who have cancelled for that visit.

Need to reschedule a student who didn't check in or add a walk in? Learn how here. 

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