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Edit or Cancel Daily Visits and Events
Edit or Cancel Daily Visits and Events
Update a Daily Visit or Event by clicking Details
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To cancel or edit daily Visits or events, you will use the details tab of the Visit or Event. Click on the visit or event you wish to change then select the details tab to the right of the registrants tab.

When the details tab is selected you can view visit type, check in method, user or team assigned, the date registration will close, capacity, location, description, registrant type, visit type, date range, days and times.

You can also cancel by clicking "Cancel Daily Visit." 

Cancelling an Event

If your institution needs to cancel a visit or an event you can easily do this by selecting the cancel daily visit at the bottom right-hand corner of the details page.

When the cancel daily visit button is selected you can choose to cancel only that visit or event or all visits in a series.

When a visit or event is cancelled it will be marked and designated as cancelled in the platform.

What happens to the registrant information of the prospective student visitors tied to the cancelled visit or event?

Their information is still retained for you to access! You can see cancelled visits identified in red in your list of all daily visits.

Will prospective student registrants be notified that the visit or event has been cancelled?

Yes, prospective student registrants will receive notification that the visit they had registered for has been cancelled. However, not only will they have the option to reschedule for another visit or event you can also reschedule to prospective visitor yourself. Learn how here.

Editing an Event
What can be edited?

  • Check In Method

  • User(s) assigned

  • Date Registration will close

  • Capacity

  • Location

  • Description

  • Registration type (individuals and/or groups)

  • Visit Type

Note: Changes cannot be made to date range or time as this could affect current registration of prospective student visitors.

Do students receive notification if an update is made to a visit or event?

Yes, when the location, description, or Visit Type are edited the student will receive an update with the edit that has been made.  

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