In your settings, you can make edits to important options that are unique to your institution. You can also set up social media handles and allowed email domains for users you'll invite to Platform by VisitDays.

Sweet! Show Me How!

Near the bottom left of your screen, click on Settings and then Account Basics to make updates to settings specific to your institution.

Your screen should look something like this:

Click on edit to make any changes.

🤔 Why Should I Do This?

Let's break it down!

Institution Name & Institution Abbreviation:

When a prospective student registers for a visit or event, they'll receive an email and text message confirmation. Your institution's name and abbreviation are what the student will see in the confirmation email and text message. 

Your institution's name and abbreviation are the only things on this page that you can't edit yourself. If for any reason your institution's name changes or you just don't like your abbreviation, reach out to us so that we can get that changed for you.

For purely selfish reasons, we ask that you upload your institution's logo. It doesn't appear anywhere outside of your Admin Panel, but it's one way that the team at VisitDays can help identify you within our system. Humor us! 😉

Address & Timezone: 

We also ask for your institution's address and timezone. This is referring to the main location of your campus--not where your visits take place... that part comes later! This also won't appear anywhere outside of your Admin Panel, but we do ask that you keep this up to date for our own records.

Main Contact Information:

Registrants can see this information in the email and text message communications. If a prospective student has any additional questions or unexpected difficulties the day of their visit, they can easily access details to get in touch!

Email Settings:

This is where you'll include the email domains that'll be allowed for users from your team who are invited your account. When you invite a new user, the dropdown of email domains that's displayed is auto-populated by the allowed email domains that you include here. If your student tour guides have a different email domain than your admissions officers, make sure to use both

You'll also want to add an automated redirect email address. Our confirmation emails are sent from a dummy account. Every now and then, someone might reply to one of these emails--when that happens, we just need to know to whom to forward that email.

Social Media Accounts:

At the end of their visit, students have the option to share their experience on social media (Facebook or Twitter) and email. Include your unique handles here so that they can tag you directly


If you'd like to offer students accommodations for any accessibility needs, you can turn that setting on here. Note that you'll need to assign an accessibility contact if you decide to turn this setting on--so make sure that you've invited that user to your account before turning on this option. Once this option is on, students will be asked whether they have an accessibility need. If they answer yes, your accessibility contact will be notified to approve or deny their request. 

🙌🏻 Whew! Now that you've got your account customized, start inviting users to your account!

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