Now, you can publish a virtual live sessions without creating a convention event. Previously, if you wanted to create many virtual sessions happening over a long period of time, you needed to create a long-term convention event, but that's no longer needed.

For Convention Hosts

Convention hosts can enable or disable this functionality on an exhibitor level in their Exhibitors page.

Creating Standalone Live Sessions

Exhibitors who have this setting enabled (or hosts that want to publish standalone live sessions themselves), simple go to create a virtual live session, and you'll see a new call to action button above any upcoming conventions

All the inputs for creating a virtual live session are exactly the same - the only update is that at the top of the create screen, you will need to determine where to publish it.

For exhibitors who have access to more than one convention site, this will help you determine where it’s going to be published for student users. For now, we only support publishing to one convention site.

For Student Users

Once published to a conventions site, student users can register for standalone live sessions like any other convention event. We've made some visual updates, so it's clear what is a convention event with multiple sub-event level live sessions, versus a standalone live session.

What about convention events that have already been published?

We still support multi-live session convention events! Any that are already published as such will remain this way, and it’s still an option to run a virtual fair or event where you want to have live sessions as a sub-event within the larger event

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