We're very excited to announce a simplified, updated user experience for the admin user navigation! In addition to an improved information hierarchy, we've also consolidated a number of legacy pages and re-organized the navigation around the concept of jobs-to-be-done.

Below are a description of each navigation item and how permissions work both at the admin user and account levels.


The new Home dashboard page is an overview of what's happening today for any events you're hosting or associated to as an exhibitor.

All admin users have access to their account's home dashboard.


The Inbox is a dedicated location for notifications that need attention - SMS Messages for Mobi events, Web Messages from your conventions in-app chat, and inbound Requests.

Previous admin user permissions stay the same - admin users with Viewer permissions do not have access to SMS Messages or Web Messages.


If you use conventions to host events, this navigation item will be present, organized with all your pages to create in person and virtual convention events, manage exhibitors and your list of contacts.

Previous permission rules stay the same - Owners and Contributors have read/write access to all pages, while Viewers cannot view or update Contacts or Exhibitors.


If you are an exhibitor for one or more hosted convention organizations, this is your new tab for everything Exhibitors.

Existing permissions are once again respected here - all pages are visible and accessible to all - with the exception that Viewers cannot access Prospects or Profile.


Some of the biggest user experience updates are for the new Mobi section.

First - we've consolidate the index of all event categories into a single index, and we've made some updates to naming conventions to better represent how our users use VisitDays. Now, Recurring Events (previously Visits), Single Events, Off Campus Events and Sessions are all visible in a single list.

The calendar view - previously it's own page - is a tab in the Event Schedule page.

We've also updated the filters to a user experience closer to newer filters we've released throughout the VisitDays admin app.

Permissions for the Mobi pages are respected from previous functionality. As always, Viewers cannot publish events!


Reports is a consolidated view of our previous analytics pages. Depending on which products your account has active, you'll see a combination of Conventions, Mobi and Survey reports.

These pages are available to Owners and Contributors only.


Our integrations page has been around for a while, but it was previously a few clicks deep, grouped with settings pages.

Owners and Contributors can view and edit the Integrations page.


We've consolidate all our settings - grouped by Mobi and Conventions - so that they're all conveniently in one place.


From the support tab, view our Learn Center and Status page for real-time updates on all our applications.

Your profile and Account Switcher

We've moved the admin profile down to the bottom of the left nav, and consolidated the profile and notifications settings pages.

For those with access to more than one account, you'll see an icon that allows you to choose which account you'd like to access - this hasn't changed!

Have any questions?

Send a message! We're always glad to chat and help you out. 😄

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