Learn how to use QR code check in for your in-person convention events
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What types of events are compatible with QR code check in?

QR codes can be used to check in pre-registered users for in-person events in conventions.

How do registrants receive their QR code?

There are a few ways registrants receive their QR code -

  • Confirmation and reminder emails contain the QR code when enabled for an in-person event

  • The day-of SMS contains a link to the QR code that is accessible without the need to log in

  • Users at any time can log into their profile to access the QR code, just click the “View My Badge” button, like below:

Since the QR code is unique for the user, not the event, this same QR code can be used both for different in-person events, as well as to check in with exhibitors who are associated with an in-person event.

What browsers and devices are supported?

On iOS devices with versions before 14.3 (released prior to Dec 2020) camera access works only in native Safari and not in other browsers (eg, Chrome) or Apps that use an UIWebView or WKWebView. This is due to limited WebRTC support by Apple prior to iOS 14.3.

iOS 14.3 and since released versions now support WebRTC in 3rd party browsers in addition to Safari.

All versions of Android mobile browsers are supported, as are all modern desktop web browsers.

Do I need to download an app to use QR code check in?

No! Any mobile or tablet device with a compatible web browser will allow you to use the QR code check in feature.

Even a laptop or desktop computer that has a camera can be used to scan QR codes.

What if my device’s camera or browser is not supported?

In the unlikely event that your device’s camera or browser is not supported, registered student users will have a unique code on their QR code badge which can be entered manually to complete check in, like in the example below:

Who can check in students via QR code?

Any admin user with a log in can use the QR code check in feature. Simply click the QR code icon for your corresponding in-person event, and a pop-up will open, asking for camera access on your device.

It will look like this:

If a registrant has guests with them, does everyone receive or need a QR code to check in?

If a student has guests added to their registration, you only need to scan the QR code once. All registrants associated with that single registration will be automatically accounted for in your total list of checked-in attendees.

Is offline QR code scanned supported?

No, offline QR code scanning is not supported at this time.

Can multiple admin users check in registrants’ QR codes at the same time?

Yes! In an effort to efficiently scale your check in process for a large in person event, you can have as many admin users logged in the admin application, checking in registrants via QR code.

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