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Collect registration payments with Stripe
Collect registration payments with Stripe
Create paid, ticketed events now!
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Enabling payments for your account

To start collecting payments, simply reach out to our Support Team ([email protected]), and we'll send you an invite link to join our Stripe platform organization.

The sign up page will look like this:

If you don't have a Stripe account - no problem! It only takes a few minutes to sign up for an account.

Once enabled, we'll be able to set up paid events for you!

Please note - by connecting your Stripe account, VisitDays will not have visibility into your Stripe account payment information (ie, bank account or debit card number) or log in credentials.

To see if Stripe has been enabled for your account, check out your integrations page:

How payments work

All payment data is strictly handled through Stripe. Ticket pricing is always listed in USD (United States Dollars), and there is a minimum price of $1 USD per ticket.

Payment card coverage is very extensive, and includes global and regionally used brands, including -

  • Visa

  • Discover

  • Mastercard

  • American Express

  • China UnionPay

  • Japan Credit Bureau

For a full list, see Stripe's list of supported card brands.

While all pricing is listed is USD, more than 130 currencies are supported. If the currency used to pay for a ticket is not USD, the student user may be charged a foreign exchange fee by their card company. Additionally, the student user may be charged a fee if they are located outside the United States, even if they are using USD through their source of payment.

VisitDays charges a flat 7% processing fee per transaction. Stripe's processing fee is $0.30 USD plus 2.9% per transaction.

For example - if you were to charge $15.00 USD for a single ticket, your total fee per ticket would be $1.79 USD with a $13.22 USD net payout per ticket sold.

The student payment experience

Paid events - in person or virtual - will show their current price per ticket. To register, users will need to be logged in or create an account.

There's an option to set multiple payment tiers based on date. For instance - if your event is September 1, you could create an initial payment tier, custom named and set to expire by August 1. Another tier could then be set for any tickets purchased after the first cutoff date but before the date of your event.

Here's an example of what this looks like for student users:

A few other useful settings you have complete control over include event capacity (measured as total tickets) and max number of guests per student registrant. Both settings are optional but give you fine-tuned control of your registrations.

Once a registrant has submitted their count of tickets, we'll save their spot for 10 minutes to complete their purchase. During this time, if capacity has been met for the event, other users won't be able to make a purchase - respecting your capacity.

If after 10 minutes a purchase isn't made, we'll open that ticket capacity back up to all your users!

Refunds, cancelations and complimentary tickets

In the case a registrant needs a refund, please contact our Support Team ([email protected]), and we'll submit a refund request on your behalf within one business day. We'll also make sure their registration is canceled so that any available tickets become available for your event.

Users will see a refund from Stripe credited to their card acccount within 5-10 business days, depending on their bank or financial service provider.

While there are no additional fees to issue a refund, the VisitDays and Stripe processing fees from the original transaction aren’t refundable.

Do you need to provide a complementary ticket? Let us know! You'll have to ask the registrant create a log in first (if they do not already), then simply let us know how many tickets are needed.

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