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How to create custom convention sign up questions
How to create custom convention sign up questions
Collect the data you need from new contacts
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When you need to collect specific data before allowing a contact to sign up for your convention organization, you can add custom sign up questions.

To create a new question, select the 'Create' button, and complete the required fields. To reorder questions, you can drag and drop (or use keyboard-driven navigation, if needed) to easily update how questions appear in order during the sign up process.

What can be customized

There are a few sign up questions required to create a new contact:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Cell phone number

You can relabel and reorder these sign up questions, but they can't be disabled.

You can add custom sign up questions with the following input types:

  • Short answers

  • Paragraph answers

  • Single select responses

  • Multi-select responses

Need to make some questions optional? Yup, you can do that, too. πŸ˜‰

Who can create sign up questions?

All convention settings are limited to admin users with the permission School Admin. If you don't see the 'Convention Settings' label in your lefthand navigation, you probably aren't a School Admin!

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