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Conventions offers a number of settings options to help you customize your virtual experience.

Who has access to these settings?

All convention settings are limited to admin users with the permission School Admin. If you don't see the 'Convention Settings' label in your lefthand navigation, you probably aren't a School Admin!

Sign up questions

There are a few sign up questions required to create a new contact:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Cell phone number

You can relabel and reorder these sign up questions, but they can't be disabled.

You can add custom sign up questions with the following input types:

  • Short answers

  • Paragraph answers

  • Single select responses

  • Multi-select responses

Registrant Types

Do you have more than one audience or need to different sign up questions from different types of contacts? Add a new registrant type.


With tags, you can help your audience filter and discover the most interesting and relevant live sessions and video content. While exhibitors are free to add available tags when creating a live session or uploading a video, exhibitors cannot create, edit or delete tags. You have that power.

What tags looks like for your contacts:


Add sponsors to your conventions app home page. Each sponsor has a:

  • unique image

  • URL to drive to a home page or landing page

Create and name multiple sponsor tiers to create sponsor hierarchy when needed.

Where sponsors populate on your conventions account:

Site Configuration

Use the language and terms you want to use for navigation labels. Want exhibitors to appear as 'Partners'? Sure - you can do that. Need to position live sessions as 'Trainings'? Yup - you can do that, too. πŸ˜‰

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