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Create your first convention
Create your first convention
How to publish your first convention πŸš€
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Conventions are single or multi-day virtual experiences for your audience. They include exhibitors who have a profile with access to post content, one-to-many live sessions, and offer an opportunity to set up one-on-one meetings or live chat with convention attendees. Let's create your first convention!

Who can publish conventions?

To start, select the 'Create' button from your conventions list page.

Can't see this button?

Only admin users with permissions School Admin or Editor can publish or edit conventions.

Information you'll need

Next, fill out the basic fields for your convention, including:

  • name

  • start date and time

  • end date and time

  • timezone

  • a logo

  • a header image

Finally, add some more advanced details for exhibitors and convention registrants:

  • maximum live session time

  • maximum count of live sessions per exhibitor

  • registrant types allowed to register for this convention

See it live

Once you've published your convention, click the three dot menu on the newly published convention in your list of conventions, and select 'Visit Convention Site' to see what it looks like live.

What makes a good convention?

Make your convention name unique and stand out. Not only will an ambiguous name (ie, 'Convention A' or 'Event') make reporting confusing for you and your team, but your audience wants to know what they're registering for.

What's next?

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