How do chats start?

Only consumer users (students/parents) can start new chats, and a new chat thread can only be started by accessing the “Chat” button from an exhibitor’s profile page. Once a chat has been started, consumer users can navigate to other pages and continue to respond via the floating chat icon. Admins cannot start new conversations at this time.

Which admins have access to Live Chat?

Admin users with permissions School Admin or Editor have the abilities to view and respond to chats. Admin users with permission Read Only do not access to view or respond to chats.

How many admins should I have on Live Chat?

In terms of staffing, we’d suggest looking at your historical data (if available) to see how many prospects your team receives in previous events. If you’re receiving a few dozen over an event, one or two admins will likely be able to handle chat responses. If prospect counts are in the hundreds, you may want to scale your team with more admin availability.

How does Live Chat availability work?

Exhibitors will be in control of setting themselves as available to chat or away. Like an email away message, you may still receive an inbound chat when set as away, however users (student/parents) will have clear messaging that you are currently away to set response expectations.

How do I get info on who I’m chatting with?

New chats create new prospects, so no need to ask for additional information - users’ data be available in your prospect export. If someone starts a chat who is already a prospect, that will also show up in the export as an additional engagement point for that prospect.

How do chat notifications work?

Notifications are admin user independent - this means if there is a new chat message, all admins users will see in-app, visual notifications of this new message. If one admin user reads the message, their notification will go away, however the notification will persist for other admin users that have not yet viewed this chat message.

Can multiple admin users respond to a single chat conversation thread?

Yes, many admin users can respond to a single chat thread. Both admins and consumer users (students/parents) will see admin user avatars and timestamps to indicate exactly who they are speaking with.

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