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Creating a new Visit
Creating a new Visit

Learn how to build a new Event, Off Campus & Daily Visit

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You've planned out the dates of your next Visit. Now you're going to want to create that on VisitDays so your prospective students can register.

Click on Platform from the Dashboard page and head over to Visit Types.

Search, scroll and locate the Visit Type you're looking to create a new Visit for and click onto it.

On this page, you're going to want to click the Create New... button in the lower right side.

First, check to make sure you've select the correct Visit Type. Then pick your Date(s), Time(s) and your location.

Once you're ready, continue with the Next button in the lower right.

If you are setting a Capacity, you'll do so on this page. Click Next once you're ready.

Finally, add any Users that will be managing the Visit from this page here. This will show when the students are registering.

Once you're all set click Next for the final time and you'll be on the Summary page.

You can see a nice overview of everything you've set up and once you're ready, click the Publish button and you've just launched your Visit!

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