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Scheduling and Rescheduling a Student
Scheduling and Rescheduling a Student
Wrong visit, date or time? Reschedule students in a snap! Have a walk in? Schedule them instantly!
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Plans change, and sometimes, a student or parent simply schedules for the wrong visit. It happens, but with Reschedule, you've got a quick fix. You can reschedule a student in two ways; through the "Registrant's List" or the "Search" bar. 

Reschedule through the 'Registrant's List"

When you click on a daily visit, it will automatically pull up the Registrants page of the event.  You will see three dos next to the students name. To reschedule a prospective student visitor select these dots to the right of the registrants name.

When that icon is selected a box will appear at the center of the screen. The user will be prompted to select the events they would like to reschedule.

Once you select the events you wish to reschedule, you can select a new date. 

Once you have selected the new time and input the number of attendees, you will be able to reschedule. 

The prospective student visitor will then be rescheduled, a new updated communication plan will be sent out, and capacity will open back up for another visitor for that initial event.

Reschedule Via the Search Function

You can also reschedule students from the search bar. Simply search for the student's name in the top bar, then proceed to reschedule from the student's profile page.

Adding Walk ins 

You can add any student that walks in for an event. From within the VisitDays platform, you have admin override, which means you can add students to events that have occurred in the past, are over capacity or at maximum registrants. 

Where do I add a walk-in?

To add a walk-in to a visit or event on the backend select the “add attendee” button at the top of the screen.

When the “add attendee” button is selected at the center top of the screen mobi will appear right in the platform. There you will be able to add the prospective students visitors information for a given event.

When you hover over a time, it will tell you if the event is open or closed and its capacity.  You will also receive a warning if you are scheduling for an event that is over capacity or if the registration has closed.  

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