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Our research shows that there are three fundamental decision trees students take when deciding on an institution:

  1. Program fit and career outcomes

  2. Financial impact

  3. Social fit and sense of belonging

If you're looking to improve your experiences—first, ask out of the three decision trees, which one are you looking for more insights? 🤔

This means that you have to determine why you're asking the question in the first place! Once you've determined which decision tree to analyze, make the surveys short and sweet.

Check out our guidelines below, then consider some of the questions that our partners are currently asking:

  • Keep each survey short. Each survey should have no more than five questions per Visit Type. Each additional question will decrease your survey completion rate by 10%.

  • The ideal question word count should be 10-11 words.

  • Answer options should be self-evident. For example, if you’re asking how satisfied a student is, use “satisfied” in the answer options: Very satisfied, Somewhat satisfied, Not satisfied. Also, avoid using ambiguous answer options that could mean different things to different people such as: Okay, Good, Unforgettable.

Enrollment-Driven Questions 🎓

Understand and improve your yield events—such as admitted student days or new student orientations

Goal: Identify yield and the likelihood of your students enrolling

Are you still committed to attending {Insert Institution}?

  • Yes, I am committed

  • Maybe, I am not sure yet

  • No, I will not be attending

Competitive Intelligence Questions 🕵️‍♀️

Learn how your institution's high-volume daily visits stack up to the competition

Goal: Gain prospective student insights into your visit experience, your competitors' experiences, and understand where a student is in their enrollment journey

Compared to other institutions you’re considering, is our institution a top choice for you?

  • Yes, absolutely

  • I am not sure yet

  • No, I don’t think so

How did our experience compare to other visits you have had?

  • Much better than others

  • Similar to others

  • Worse than others

  • This was my first visit

What is your primary reason to attend {Insert Institution}?

  • Financial Aid

  • Academic Reputation

  • Safety & Security

  • Diversity

Community-Centric Questions 💕

Ensure that prospective students experiencing your campus tours or new student orientations are feeling an emotional connection to your institution

Goal: Understand whether students feel a connection to the university as a whole—not just academics

How welcomed do you feel in our campus community?

  • Very welcomed

  • Somewhat welcomed

  • Unwelcomed

  • Not sure

Academic Programming/Career Outcome-Focused Questions 👨‍💼

Gain insights into your institution's high-volume daily visits, academic/college-specific visits, and visits with academic advisors/faculty members

Goal: Learn whether your academic programs align with students’ academic and post-graduate goals, but more importantly, determine whether your academic offerings meet market needs

Based on today’s interactions, do you think our academic departments are likely to prepare you for your career?

  • Very likely

  • Somewhat likely

  • Unlikely

  • Not sure

How helpful was your college-specific visit?

  • Very helpful

  • Sort of helpful

  • Not helpful

Transfer Student Questions 🙋‍♀️

Dive into your visits specific to transfer students—such as transfer orientations or visits with transfer counselors

Goal: Understand whether questions unique to transfer students have been answered

Do you have transfer credit questions that have not been answered?

  • Yes, I have questions

  • No, I don't have questions

Follow-Up Questions ❓

Identify follow-up opportunities for your institution's high-volume daily visits 

Goal: Ensure that the information presented in these visits answered lingering questions and provided next steps in the admissions process

Do you have financial aid/scholarship questions that haven't been answered?

  • Yes, I have questions

  • No, I don't have questions

Would you like us to contact you for your next steps?

  • Yes, please do

  • No, I'm good!

Visit Experience Questions 💡

Get more out of all of your institution's visits 

Goal: Learn how you can improve your visit experiences and isolate visits that are underperforming

How could we have improved your experience?

  • Open Text

Out of the experiences below, which one was your favorite?

  • Campus Tour

  • City Bus Tour

  • Academic Visit

  • Financial Aid Visit

  • Student & Staff Interactions

Which topics would you like to see in a future event?

  • Open Text

Check back soon as we'll be updating this list periodically, and of course, if you have questions or want to bounce some ideas back and forth, give us a shout!

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