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Survey Pro: 

Our survey has been one of our greatest achievements as a company. Our survey are designed to bring the most answers to scale. To date, we have achieved over 60% completion rates and over 90% confidence in the predictability of application and enrollment rates. 

Compared to other survey tools, ours surfaces what your visitors are truly thinking.

Today, we are announcing a major upgrade to our survey - Survey Pro! 

Watch the video below:

Below we will list out a series of features and benefits you can get with Survey Pro. 

Customizable Surveys

We are taking the science and art of making a useful and powerful survey and giving it to you! Our team will work with you to take into account all of the questions and answers that you want to ask your prospective students, and we will help you frame them in a manner that gives you the insights that you seek.

Major Benefits:

  1. Ask questions based on visit types (your survey for your Open House can now be completely different than your campus tours)

  2. Ask questions that look beautiful and easy for prospective student (check out the updates to the student experience below!)

  3. Instant reporting on your custom questions (our upgraded reporting functionality will give you an instant analytics and dashboard capabilities without having to lift a finger)

Contextual Responses

Sometimes data does not tell the whole story. We are enabling you to ask text response questions that we will be able to categorize for you. This way you can ask for opinions, thoughts or additional details on specific questions to take it one step deeper.

Major Benefits:

  1. Categorize textual responses in one place

  2. Instant being able to contact a prospective student based on their response 

  3. Bookmark comments that are relevant. You can save them to share with your team or keep them top mind as you determine trends in feedback that can help your future visits.

Advanced Reporting

With Survey Pro, VisitDays is diving deeper into what matters the most: Applications and Yield and Performance. Survey Pro allows you to focus directly on how the visit correlates to applications and enrollment.

Our reports will give you analysis on which visit types are performing better than others and allow you drill down to the prospective students.

Major Benefits:

  1. Insights into which visit types are most likely to drive applications and deposits

  2. Determine which visitors will either apply or yield

  3. Premium reporting with charts and analysis that display performance tracking of survey completion rate over time, allow you to understand how changes they make to the survey impact completion rate over time. 

  4. Have VisitDays provide you with survey best practices 

  5. Benchmark your survey completion rate to the rest of the VisitDays Community (we do not share individual institution data, just aggregate completion and performance rates for you to benchmark against)

Upgraded Student Experience 

We succeed with delivering the most friendly, easy to answer and stress-free user experience to our prospective students. So now, with Survey Pro, we doubled down. We have built out a new design to help make the process of filling out a survey even more seamless and effortless. 

The updates to student experience is now in effect for all customers.

Survey Pro is part of our series of Premium Features. 

Contact us to discuss how we can get you these upgrades and learn about what else we have in store for you in 2019!

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