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Add Visit to Existing Itinerary
Add Visit to Existing Itinerary
VisitDays allows you to adjust existing itineraries easily
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Earl is a junior at West High School and already knows which is the college of his dreams. He's so excited to begin the process of applying to colleges that months ago, Earl jumped in and scheduled college visits on each day of winter break. Now the visits are coming up and Earl sees a special event for Juniors that wasn't available back when he signed up previously. He calls the admissions department anxious to sign up for the extra event.

This situation might be familiar, and even if it's not, I'm sure you can think of a myriad of other situations where it would be helpful to adjust a student's itinerary after it's been created. Now, with the new "Add to existing itinerary function," VisitDays makes it easy to handle a situation like this.

Adding a new event to a student's itinerary is very easy. First, we'll just navigate to the student's registration by clicking directly on their name.

Clicking for more options allows us to begin adding new visits to the itinerary. When we go into this flow, we'll see a list of all other visits and events that are available for the date of this student's visit. Events that conflict in time with the existing itinerary are shown, but greyed out and not clickable.

We can select any events we'd like to add to the student, even visits that are at capacity. Administrators can override that capacity if they so choose. 

Once we've identified the correct change to make, we just need to confirm and then the student is all set! The student's itinerary will update in real time, and the student will get an email confirming the change with them. This student is now all set to engage with their upcoming visit!

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