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Filtering Specific Visits or Events
Filtering Specific Visits or Events
We have created so many visits and events. This is great but overwhelming. Help! How can I filter a specific visit or event?
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VisitDays has a variety of filters so  that you can use can easily search for a specific visit or event.

At the top of both daily visits or events, you will see a range of filters. They include, Date Range, Visit Type, User Assigned, Registrant Type, Status and Current Capacity.

Filter by date range

Find a visit or event by selecting today, next week, this week last week, this month, last month, or even select your own custom date range.  This will show you only the visits in that date range. 

Visit Type
Select to search by specific visit type such as an open house or campus tour.

User Assigned
Select to search by the individual assigned to the visit or event. This is a great way for your tour guides to see all of their assignments in one view.

Registrant type
Select to search by individual (prospective students and their families), group (school groups), or both.

Select "Active" to see only your live events, "Draft" to see just drafts and "Canceled" to see events you have canceled. 

Current Capacity
Select "No Registrants" to see which events no students have signed up for or see if an event "Has Registrants."  You can also see which events are "At Capacity" or "At Maximum Registrants" and therefore no longer showing up on your mobi for students to sign up. 

You can select to use none, one, or a variety of these filters to search your VisitDays visits and events. 

Press "clear filters" at any time to reset them and show all of your visits. 

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