This article will show you what students see when they request a visit with your institution. Remember that requests are different from "Instant book" visits in that students don't receive a time for their event right away. Instead the student indicates a day when they'd like to do a certain visit, and then your staff schedules a time that works.

Requests live in the Mobi right along side instant book visits. You can tell the difference because requests don't have times listed for them. Instead students click "Add to my itinerary" to begin the registration process.

Once a student adds a request to their itinerary, they proceed with the process of registering as usual. Students can add requests to their itinerary alongside instant book events, or by themselves.

After the student has registered, they receive messaging confirming that they have submitted their request.Β 

Whenever the request is scheduled on the admin side, the student receives another message confirming the time of their appointment.

At that point, the standard VisitDays flow takes over. Students get regular reminder texts and emails letting them know all the details of their itinerary. If the student has signed up for several events in a day, they'll get one text with all the information about their entire plan. The next step comes when the student arrives on campus for their event!Β 

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