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Get student scheduled for their requested events

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This article illustrates the process for scheduling students for their requested visits. When a student makes a request for a certain visit, an email is sent to the owner of that visit, along with any users already assigned. The request then pops up in the request queue, accessible from a button in the top navigation on the admin portal.

The top line of the request queue shows some headline info on the team's current performance when it comes to request responses. The body of this page shows a list of all requests still pending.

To schedule a request, a user clicks on 'Schedule' and then decides to either schedule a new visit or add the student to an existing visit. To add the student to an existing visit, you'll simply select any of the currently available visits for that day and add the student to that list.

To schedule a new visit, you'll select a start and end time that works for the event. Then, you'll have a chance to add any new users to the visit that you'd like.Β 

Once you click "Schedule Request," VisitDays will send a message to the student and to any users assigned to the visit. From then on, this visit will be included in the itinerary of our usual follow-up texts with the student up until the day of the event.

This system works best when students are scheduled for their visits in quick, timely manner. We recommend trying to schedule or otherwise reply to every request within 24 hours.

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