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The admin side of requests

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In this article we'll go through the steps required for adding request to the VisitDays. When creating a new visit type, you'll be asked to select whether the registration type is "Instant Book" or "Request."

"Instant books" are the same visits you've been using on VisitDays already. In this section, we'll only talk about requests.

Once you've selected that your visit type will be a request, you'll proceed to select the other options for your request as usual. After the visit type has been created, you can head to the appropriate tab in the right navigation bar and create a new instance of this visit type.

When creating an instance of your request visit, you'll only select available dates for the event, not dates and times as with instant books. The other parts of this process remain the same. You'll select a location, set capacity, and add team members to the visit.

When adding team members, you'll select one person who owns the visit and is responsible for scheduling students who make the request, and you have the option to add other users either in advance, or at the time you're scheduling the visit.

Double check all the information for your request is correct - if it is, you can hit publish and your visit will go live on the Mobi right away. Once the event is published, you'll just sit back and wait for students to request it!

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