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Does This Sound Familiar?

Jane Smith is the Campus Visit Coordinator at State College, and she runs a fantastic tour every Thursday at 4:00. Students from all across the country visit, and they leave excited to apply to the school! But--Jane has a problem. Sometimes, a student arrives on the day of their tour and asks for a specific event to be added to their experience. Maybe they'd like to chat with a professor, meet with an athletic coach, or have some questions answered by Financial Aid. It's easy to schedule the original tours, because Jane knows in advance that she'll have one at the same time every Thursday. How can she schedule these other events without knowing in advance when exactly they'll happen? πŸ€”

Introducing Requests

A Request is exactly what it sounds like! Students can tell you which campus experiences interest them, and you can schedule out their perfect day. It's a simple process that perfectly complements how you're currently using VisitDays!

Getting started with Requests is easy peasy!

  • Create your Visit Type just as you normally would, but instead of Instant Book, select Request.

  • Choose the days when students can request this visit, and then publish it to your Mobi.

  • You'll see the student's information in your Request Queue once a student makes a request.

  • You'll schedule a time for the student's visit, and we'll take care of the rest--we'll notify the student and any team members assigned to the visit.

  • We'll stay in touch with the student before their requested visit and get their feedback at the end of the experience--just like with any other visit!

This was a quick overview of the request process. Keep reading for more information about each step!

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