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Student Profile (Backend 3.0)
Student Profile (Backend 3.0)

We've updated the student profile with a new look so you can easily see all their visits and information.

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You can search for any student in VisitDays to view their profile. Once you see their name select it to open the student profile. 

This will open the student profile.

In this view you can see the students application status and it opens to the "Visits" tab. This tab shows all of the visits the student has registered for. You can check the student in or click on the three dots next to each visit to get more options. 

The three dots allows you to Edit the number of attendees on that visit, to reschedule the student, resend the confirmation email or cancel the registration. 

When you edit the attendees a modal will pop that allows you to edit and save the new number of guests. 

If a student is already checked in or marked not here, you can "Change Status."

The next tab you can select is "Details."  This houses the student biographical information like full name, email, phone number, birthdate and address. 

You can click "Edit" to edit any of the fields on this page. 

The last tab is "Pipeline."  This includes the student academic information including whether they are a freshmen or transfer, their expected enrollment year, their expected enrollment term, high school and academic interest.

You can edit this page as well! 

Lastly you can click on the three dots at the top of the profile to delete or merge the student account. 

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