In Backend 3.0, creating a daily visit, event or off-campus visit is now much quicker since so many inputs are now on Visit Type. These are the inputs now on Visit type only: title, description, photo, registrant type, ways to meet, check in method and close registration threshold. On the visit itself you the inputs are now just: date range, blackout dates, days of the week, time, location, capacity and user assigned. 

To create a brand new daily visit, select Daily Visits on the left navigator. On the upper right-hand corner select Create Daily Visit.

First you will select which Visit Type is associated with this Visit. Doing so will show you all of the inputs on that Visit Type:

Date Range- Select the start date and end date of your daily visit.

Add Blackout Dates! - After selecting your start and end dates you can add blackout dates. You can omit days between the start and the end date including the days of the week you do not want available for visitors, like holidays. You can always add or edit after publishing your event or series.

Times- Here you can set the times for the visit. You can also select the days of the week you want for the times selected or select "Every Day."

  • Add Another Time- If the daily visit occurs multiple times per day there is no need to create the series twice. Just add the additional times here. Select the days of the week for the additional times to fully customize the visit.

After you have selected a time you need to select a Location. These can be create in Settings.

Once you have selected a location you can click the next button.

On this page you can set the capacity. You can always select "No Capacity."

If you select "Yes, set Capacity" you will be given two options:

By Student Registrations: This allows you to select how many prospective students or groups you allow on this tour. This means that after this many prospective students sign up, regardless of how many guests they bring, no others will be able to sign up for the tour. (This was previously maximum registrants.)

By Seats: Select the total number of people allowed on the visit. If there is no limit then choose the no capacity option. You can also select the number of guests a student can bring with them. 7 is the maximum.  

Once you have filled in all the required fields you can select "Next."

Lastly you can choose whether you would like to assign users now or later. If you select "Assign Later" you press next to move on to the summary page. 

The user assigned can either be an individual or team. This is the person who will be notified by email when students sign up or cancel for the tour. They are also who will be rated in relation to the visit on the survey provided after. 

Note:  The user assigned will show up in the mobi. Make sure your tour guides fill out their bios and have a picture! This will make your visit more personal. Learn more about that here. If multiple users are assigned to a visit or event all user profile images will display on mobi.

You can search for users in the search box and then press the "+" symbol to assign them to the visit. 

Click Next in the bottom right corner when you’re ready to proceed. 


Confirm all of your visit details here. You can edit any of the fields or save it as a draft from this view. If it is complete, click the Publish button in the bottom right corner. 

You can also see the details of the visit type itself.

If it is not ready to go live, or you wish to come back to this but don’t want to lose your work, we’ve added a Save as Draft button in the top right corner. If you click here, you VisitDays will ask if you want to "Keep Working On It" or "Yes, Save and Exit" if you wish to come back to it. 

When you're ready, click publish!

You can decide to email a notification to the user assigned by checking that box on the publish page. 

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