When you go the Visit Types page you can search for a Visit Type and then select it. From there you can edit, archive or delete the visit type. 

Once you select a visit type, it will show you all of the visits created of that type. Since this is a daily visit, I can select to create a new daily visit from this view as well. Doing so will bring you directly to create a daily visit. You can learn more about creating a daily visit here. 

You can also select "Details," "Questions" or "History."  From the details tab, you can see all of the inputs associated with the Visit Type and edit each of them or archive or delete the visit type. 

What's the difference between archive and delete?
Deleting a visit type means you will permanently delete the visit type and all of the information associated with it.  

Archiving a visit type will cancel all of the current visits of that type and move the visit into the "Archived Tab" on your visit type lists.  It can be reactivated later, but will not bring back the canceled series or registrants. 

From this view you can also edit any inputs of the visit type. 

Once you select an update you will be able to press "Save" doing so will open up a modal allowing you to decide if you want to update current registrants about the change. 

Once you select to send emails or not, you will be able to press continue and save the change. 

You can view all the changes made to a Visit Type by clicking on the "History" tab of Visit Type.

Lastly, you click on the "Questions" tab to see the all of the questions associated with this Visit Type.

To learn more about enabling and disabling questions per visit type, check out this article on "Mobi Questions."

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