Set up where students should go for their visits!

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A key part of your visits is letting students know where they need to show up. Each visit you create will have allow you to select a location. 

You can create Locations in advance by going to Settings and Locations:

All of the information you include will be included in a prospective student’s SMS Text and email confirmation for any visits that have that location. 

You can also search for a specific location using the search box in the  upper right hand corner. 

Selecting the location allows you to edit or delete it:

Edit an existing location:

The first things you can edit are the "Where to Meet" Instructions and the "Where to Park" Instructions. Both of these will show in the student confirmation email. You can add special styling or include hyperlinks to campus maps or parking instructions here as well.  

You can even toggle "Where to Meet" and "Where to Park" on or off depending on whether those instructions would apply for that particular location. 

You must select edit again to edit the name or address of the location.

Clicking next brings you back to the first page where you can save the updated location information.

Create a new location:

You can also create a new location by clicking on Add Location.

When creating a new location to meet, include the name, on campus or off campus designation, address, meeting location (if applicable), and parking location (if applicable).

Once you have filled in all of the information related to the address and if the location is on-campus or off-campus, you are able to press next to get to "Where to Park" and "Where to Meet."

Once you have filled out the instructions you can select create and the location will now show in your list. You will be able to select it when creating a daily visit, event or off-campus visit. 

Delete Locations:

You can also delete a location once you select it:

If the location is assigned to active visits, it will ask if you would like to reassign the locations of those visits. Once you have selected the new location, you can click delete:

This will update the location of all those visits and delete this location. It cannot be undone. 

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