Welcome to the new Team Management!   Here you can invite new users into VisitDays, add them to teams and see how each of them are performing by checking out "Insights."

"Users" refers to administrators of the platform, in 2.0 this was your "Individuals" page. There are a few updates on this page. All of the analytics are now stored in the insights tab. Instead this shows which teams a user is a part of. You can also search for a user and use the 3 dot menu next to any individual to update their permission level or deactivate them, if you are a school admin.

As a School Admin, when you click on a user, you can edit their profile to update their profile picture, name, bio or role in the institution.  All of this information will show up on mobi if they are assigned to a visit.

You can learn more about inviting a new user here. 

When you deactivate a User, you have the option to reassign all of their visits.
Below I used the 3 dot menu to deactivate "Jordan Null" who is assigned to a few campus tours and our Junior Preview Day.  

You must select an option before deactivating. I clicked "Reassign All Visits" and then "Deactivate."  Next you select who you would like to reassign the visit to:

 I searched for Chhirag, to assign him to Jordan's visits.

Once a new user is selected I can press continue. 

Finally, I can choose to email the new assignment notification by checking that box or I can just click deactivate to finish the process. 

Jordan is now deactivated: 

We've also made some updates to the teams page. You can now search for teams and create new ones in the upper right hand corner.

I am going to update "Open House" Team. 

The same functionality of creating teams, inviting members and naming the team still exists, however we've added some new functions.  Previously teams showed the bio and photo of the point of contact. Now that is the default but can you also create a unique bio and photo for the team itself, not tied to an individual.

Previously your only communication options were "All Team Members" or "Point of Contact Only."   Now you can select which team members get notifications when the team is assigned so it can be as many or as a few as you would like.

You can also delete a team from this page. 

Lastly, we've given insights its own tab- so just School Admins can see it. 

You can also adjust the date range to see if your tour guides have improved their survey completion rate recently or who has been assigned to the most visits lately. 

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