Inviting new users into the platform is super quick and simple! First go to Team Management in the Left side navigation. Then select "Invite User" on the upper right hand side.

Once invite new user is selected a box will appear in the center of your screen. On this form you will include the following information on the user you want to invite.

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Email

  4. Role

  5. Allowed Domain (which is created in your Account Basics) 

  6. Permission Level

Permission Levels? How do I know which to select?

  • Read-Only- Best for student users, they will have the ability to view visits and events and check in prospective student visitors. They do not have the ability to view analytics or the individual tour guide ratings. 

  • Ideal for student tour guides! They can view visits and check in prospective student visitors.

  • Editor- Has access to everything except making edits to institution wide settings. They cannot edit institution basics or visitor instructions.  An editor also cannot invite new users.

  • Great for staff members who will support you in the creation of daily visits and events you will be running at your institution.

  • School Admin- Can view and access everything on the VisitDays platform.

  • This permission setting is best for all members of your team that need access to all of visitdays.

Once you have completed the necessary fields to invite a user into the VisitDays platform click the invite now button.
Note: The email domains are established in your Settings--> Account Basics Page. You can learn more about that here.

What Happens After the User is Invited?

After a user is invited into the platform an email communication will be sent immediately to their inbox. It contains a link that will bring them to a page where they will set up their username and password.

After Selecting “Get Started with VisitDays," the user will be brought to a page where a password will be created. 

After creating a password the user can begin using the VisitDays platform!
Once they're in the platform they should customize their profiles to make your visits stand out. Learn how here.

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