As soon as you begin the onboarding process with VisitDays, you can begin to customize for your University. Invite other users, set your institution basics and then start create your visits and events that will soon be available for prospective student visitors in mobi!

What you get from the VisitDays 3.0

  • Establish settings including institution basics, visitor instructions, and mobi setting.

  • Manage your team invite all users who will be tied to the visits and events at your institution. Upon invitation they can personalize their profile with their bio and photo.

  • Create your recurring visits specific to your institution with individualized descriptions that prospective student visitors will view on your mobi.

  • Create your big yield events that will occur each semester and be available to prospective or admitted students.

  • Begin to instantly evaluate reports and survey analytics available in VisitDays 2.0

  • Once visits and events are created, and mobi is implemented on your institution's site view your list of registrants, check registrants into visits, cancel, or reschedule visitors quickly.

How to set up Visit Days:
Below are the steps you need in order to get VisitDays up and running for your university!  Each step includes a learn center article dedicated to it. 

  1. Account Basics

  2. Visit Types and Locations

  3. Inviting Users and creating Teams

  4. Create a Daily Visit

After you've completed these steps, you are ready to launch! Your mobi will populate with all of the events you have created. You can see what it will look like by clicking Mobi on the left navigation. 

What’s next?

  • Once you create the visits and events on the VisitDays platform and implement Mobi on your institution's site prospective students can instantly begin registering for visits.

After you've gone live, you can start to view reports and surveys in Visit Days Analytics. To learn more about that go here.

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