Online & Phone Visits

When we think about visits, prospective students coming to campus is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But not all scheduled interactions with prospective students happen in person - sometimes it's a phone call or online video chat or webinar. 

Introducing: online & phone visits!

How does it work?

Set the Ways to Meet on each Visit Type - either In Person, Phone or Online. You can select any combination of the three, but at least one must be selected when creating each visit type.
You can see the "Ways to Meet" on the Details of each visit type. To learn more about creating Visit Types, check out this article. 

For each way to meet you can set how for that visit type:

For phone and online you can fill the description with whatever is the best for students to interact with you. They will receive this information in their email and text confirmations.  You can add hyperlinks or styling to these descriptions.

In Person: For visit in person, you can select which location to meet when you create a daily visit or event of that type.  All off-campus visits must be in person as the way to meet. 

Once you have published visits of that visit type, the available Ways to Meet will show up on Mobi for prospective students to schedule for.

  • If all three Ways to Meet are applicable to that visit type - go ahead and set all three!

  • .... or any combination of two

  • ... or just one!

What's the student experience after scheduling on Mobi?

  • The instructions are provided in the confirmation email as well as in the prospective student itinerary.

How do I know if online or phone was selected if the visit has more than one Way to Meet available?

  •  You'll see an icon indicating how the prospective student will attend next to their name on the registrants list and in the prospective student's profile

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