Merge Duplicates
Have the same student with two profiles? You can merge them to one account!
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VisitDays matches students based on their email addresses. Sometimes students sign up with different email addresses. misspell their addresses leading to duplicate records or students and parent sign up separately, when you really just need to the student's account. 

You can now merge those!  All the visits and student information will come together on one profile with the correct email address and information. Here's what the process looks like, with an explanation of each step to follow:

Begin by searching the Student's name in the search box on the top of your VisitDays site. 

Select the profile with the email you wish to delete and open the student profile.  You will then see three dots next to the students name.   

*Note: Whichever profile you choose to merge is the one that will be overridden. This means the information on this profile will be deleted, except for the visit information when it is merged with the second profile.  

Click on the three dots to see the "Merge" option.

When you click Merge a new screen will open. There you can search for the correct student profile you would like to merge with. 

Click on the profile you would like to merge with. 

After you select "I understand" you will be able to click "Merge Now" and merge the students. 

All of the visits from the first profile will show up on the new merged profile. If they had registered for the same visit, it will only show up once.  You'll now have a cleaner and more accurate student profile instead of two separate ones! 

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