🚀 New Product Updates

Exhibitor Profile Announcements

Now, exhibitors can add an announcement to the top of their profile, and update it as needed. Like the Call to Action update, we noticed exhibitors trying to use their Bio space as a catch-all for links/announcements/etc, and this gives the profile a simple section with dedicated purpose to highlight an announcement.

Exhibitor Profile Team Members

Want to add some personalization and show prospects who they'll expect to meet and chat with at the next college fair? Exhibitors now have the option to show select members of their team with admin profiles in their exhibitor profile.

🔧 Product Improvements

Conventions App Navigation UX Update

We've created an updated version of the conventions site top nav and added a new, left nav. Our team had two design goals in mind -

  1. Create a top nav that is curator-centric - videos, account management, etc. where major, new features that transcend a single events will live.

  2. Create a scalable, separate left nav for convention-centric features - live sessions, exhibitors, and some big updates we have coming up soon.

This update will be rolled out to all accounts by September 21, 2021. If you'd like the update sooner, just let us know!

🐛 Bug Fixes

7 major bugs where slayed this sprint!

Curious what's up next? See what we're working on in our product roadmap.

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