🚀 New Product Updates

Enable/disable Meetings Setting

A much requested setting feature, convention curators can now turn on/off Meetings with a simple setting. This does not impact any past or upcoming Meetings data - it's just an on/off switch to use at any time.

Exhibitor Profile Call to Action Button

We’d often see exhibitors adding URLs or email addresses in their profile bios with the goal of directing users to take an action (eg, Visit, Apply, Learn More, etc…) so we decided to add support for a custom call to action button in the exhibitor profile.

🔧 Product Improvements

Remove live session capacity default

We previously defaulted to 95 (given that Zoom’s most basic product tier has a 100 person capacity) capacity, but this rarely was updated even when admins could have added higher capacities. Now this is an empty state by default but still required.

🐛 Bug Fixes

Additionally, our engineers squashed 11 bugs. Enjoy!

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