🚀 New Product Updates

Live session and meeting assignment email notifications

Previously, if you were assigned to (or removed from) a live session or meeting availability time, there weren't any notifications. Now, you'll receive a transactional email with an .ics attachment to add to your calendar of choice.

Support for Vimeo and Wistia

Many of you asked for more than just YouTube support for the conventions video library, so we've added support for both Vimeo and Wistia! Have another video platform you'd like to see supported? Submit an idea to our roadmap, and our team will check it out.

Social links in new exhibitor profile

As a part of our major updates to exhibitor profiles (see more below), exhibitors can now add links to their social profiles, including...

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • TikTok

  • Twitter

  • Snapchat

  • LinkedIn

🔧 Product Improvements

Show conventions times locally

Did someone ever show up to an event thinking it was in their timezone instead of yours? We heard this feedback too much, so we made an update so that virtual conventions show up locally according to a user's device time.

Including exhibitor name in live session reminders

Previously, live session reminder emails and SMS did not include who the exhibitor's name. We've updated this to make it easier for users to know what sessions they've saved.

Profile horizontal scrolls

As a part of the exhibitor profile overhauls, we've added an accessible horizontal scroll function for upcoming live sessions and videos.

Improved internally phone number UI

While convention users have always been able to submit international phone numbers, we learned that sometimes getting the right format to submit was confusing. So, we've updated the phone number sign up UI to include country codes and a search function.

Admin SSO warnings

Does you team use a single sign on provider to log into VisitDays? If so, there are some fields and actions that are not editable in the VisitDays admin app (eg, updating an admin user's permission, inviting or deactivating an admin user) and must be completed via your identity provider. In the case you try to update one of these fields, we'll provide a friendly reminder where it needs to be completed.

Admin SSO - reset email

Similar to the SSO warnings improvement, we've added a clarifying email that passwords for SSO enabled accounts are handled by your identity provider, not VisitDays!

Accessibility improvements

As a part of our team's commitment to WCAG best practices, our engineers shipped 22 accessibility improvements over the past few weeks.

🐛 Bug Fixes

Nine bug fixes were squashed in the past few weeks!

Curious what's up next? See what we're working on in our product roadmap.

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