Sessions are the individual components that make up your larger events - like a Welcome Session and Financial Aid Session. 

Prospective students can customize their event itineraries based on the sessions you set as required or optional.

Creating a session is simple and familiar. First, create a visit type set to session, and then publish it as a visit. Sessions have their own space in the left hand navigation, alongside Daily Visits, Events and Off Campus.

Using Mobi Instances, select a date and we'll populate all the published sessions for that date, which you can give a name that corresponds to your larger event (like an Admitted Student Day or Open House).

User Profile Notes

Ever need to add some extra context about a prospective student for yourself or a colleague?

Now you can. Simply add notes to a user profile with just a few clicks.

For adding rich text styles, we've added to Markdown to user profile notes so that you add bold, italics, lists and more.

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