Visit Type Supplemental Content

Sometimes you need to add additional content for prospective students to access before, during or after a visit experience; content such as a video or a link to a parking pass. We recently released an update to enable this ability - simply add a static link when creating or editing a visit type, and we'll insert that content in each prospective student's Itinerary. In the case it's a Youtube video, we'll even show a preview so that views can watch the video without being redirected to a new page.

We've also added support for Youtube Live and other one-click links for online visits. Simply add a link to where your visit will be hosted, and a button to join will be included in registrants' itinerary page. Just like with our Zoom Meeting integration (temporarily disabled due to Zoom's maintenance of its web client), when prospective students click the button to join, they'll automatically be check in when they join.

Survey SMS Timing

Survey SMS were previously delivered 10 minutes prior to a visit's end time. With most visits largely moving online, we noticed many accounts utilizing shorter lengths of time for virtual experiences. In turn, the survey SMS is now delivered at the visit end time. For larger events, this may take a few extra minutes to process when there are dozens (or hundreds!) of checked-in prospective students.

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