SMS Reminder for Zoom Calls

For those using Zoom to facilitate their online visits and events, 30 minutes before your call starts, registered prospective students will now get a reminder to join along with the link.

Zoom Check In

When using the Zoom integration for virtual visits and events, prospective students will now be automatically checked in once they've access the link from their Itinerary on the day of their online event.

No need to check them in on your side - just monitor the check ins as happen in real time.

Messenger Inbox Performance Improvements

Since launching Messenger in November, we've seen the number of daily sent and received messages double every few days. The downside of this meant that the Messenger inbox was becoming slow to load for many customers.

Because of this, we've made some huge updates to Messenger performance in the past week, including an up to 10x decrease in the inbox load time.

Have a question or concern about this release? Let us know! We're happy to chat. 👋

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