Public API

We just released the VisitDays Public API so that customers can have more control over their CRM integrations and even use VisitDays data in third-party applications. 

Have an idea for something you'd like to build with our API, but not quite sure where to start? Let us know - our engineering team is more than happy to help you with your specific use case.

Messenger Improvements

For VisitDays accounts with Messenger, you can now be the one to start the conversation with prospective students. Simply search according to name, phone number or email for who you'd like to chat with to begin a new chat thread.

Not using Messenger? Learn how to get started.

Mobi Accessibility Improvements

Making the web more accessible for all is something for which we have a passion at VisitDays, so we're happy to announce some big improvements we've released for Mobi, including:

  • Improved form validation

  • Improved content magnification support

  • AA contrast ratios for all fonts

  • Enhancements for screenreader user

Have a comment or question about this release? Let us know - say hi! 👋

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