Mobi Instances

You can now reconfigure Mobi without updating code! 

The process is straightforward and designed with non-technical folks in mind. Simply:

  • Build a script with our user-friendly script generator

  • Preview how it will look on your website

  • Copy the code to share with your web team

  • Install the code once - then live update Mobi on your website as needed

Check out our how-to videos to get started:

👉 Learn how to build a Mobi Instance

👉 Learn how to install a Mobi Instance

Messenger push notifications

If you and your team use Messenger, you've probably noticed this subtle update to increase visibility into your messages.

Push notifications update instantly in real time whenever a new conversation is started by a prospective student or parent or a pre-existing conversation has received new, unread messages.

Not using Messenger? Learn more now.

Let us know your experience with these updates! We're always here to lend an ear and discuss best practices. 👋

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