Your Team Management Insights is a historical view of the interactions between staff and other admin users assigned to visits, and the overall performance of each individual. 

Analytics can be filtered by time frames: Last Week, Last Month, Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months, Last Year, and All Time (the default). Because it's a historical view, only student and group itineraries that have occurred prior to the current day are included within the data. Also, each of the time frames are rolling time frames, so Last Week would include itineraries between 1 week ago and yesterday, Last Month would include itineraries between 1 month ago and yesterday, etc.

Let's break down each column:

  • User - The admin user's name. If a User is attached to a visit as part of the Team, each team member is equally attributed to the other data points. 

  • Visits - The total count of active itineraries within the time frame associated to this User. A student or group that is registered for multiple visits in a single day will only be counted once, and a group will only count as one itinerary. If using Keyword Checkin for groups, any individuals who check in as part of a group are not included. Additionally, if the User is associated to an event as part of a team, each member of the team is attributed to the Checked in, Surveys Completed and Survey Score.

  • Checked In - The percentage of itineraries that are checked in or have completed the survey over the total Visits

  • Surveys Completed - The percentage of itineraries that have completed the survey over the total Checked In

  • Survey Score -  The average score based on responses to the survey question “How helpful were the student/staff that lead your visit?” and converted to a 0-100 scale.

As a simple example, if a team with 3 team members (Alice, Brian, and Carly) was assigned to one event this week where 1 student canceled, and 5 students registered, 3 of whom checked in, 2 of the checked in took the survey (with one "Very Helpful" and one "Sort of Helpful" survey response), each team member would show:

  • 5 Visits (the one canceled itinerary is not included)

  • 60% (3 of 5) Checked In

  • 66.7% (2 of 3) Survey Completion 

  • 75.0 Survey Score 

Now, if Alice was assigned to another event as an individual with 2 students registered, 1 checked in student who also took the survey ("Not Helpful" survey response), Brian and Carly would have the same data points above, while Alice would then show:

  • 7 Visits

  • 57.14% (4 of 7) Checked In

  • 75.0% (3 of 4) Survey Completion

  • 50 Survey Score

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